John Klingler

Zeman Womble, LLP

I inherited this site after the firm's founders grew tired of paying outrageous fees for basic web hosting and maintenece.

I rewrote the code using Jekyll and hosted at Netlify's free tier. Costs went from thousands a month to $0.

SEO was next, making use of Moz Local to strighten out local listings, and then some link building. I set goals in Google Analytics to track conversions and understand performance, and developed some flexible templates for email marketing.

How to Make a Seriously Fast Website

For Zeman and Womble, we achieved a perfect score on Google's PageSpeed Insights (see right). The steps:

  • Use a static-site generator to pre-render pages.
  • Remove unused CSS and JavaScript from the codebase.
  • Optimize images and minify assets.
  • Inject CSS necessary for the initial page paint into HTML head.
  • Move the remainder of CSS to a file loaded at the end of the page.
  • Load all JavaScript asynchronously, using defer.
  • Download and serve Google Fonts locally.
  • Host pages and assets from a CDN.

53% of mobile site visits leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.Google.